August 2011

Nuclear weapons are simply not on says Church diplomat
(Wednesday, 3 August 2011 )

 KANSAS CITY (SE): “A world without nuclear weapons is not only possible, it has now become urgent,” Archbishop Francis Chulikatt told a gathering organised by the Human Rights Office of the diocese of Kansas City in the United States of America (US) on June 4.

The Vatican representative to the United Nations (UN) in New York said the US$100 billion ($777.8 billion) a year nuclear arms industry has moved away from its commitment to disarmament and the “very...

Hong Kong-based priest refused entry to China
(Wednesday, 3 August 2011 )

 HONG KONG (UCAN): Father Franco Mella, a Hong Kong-based priest with the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Mission Society, was refused entry to China at the Lo Wu border on July 19. He was detained at the immigration counter before being informed that his visa, which he obtained in July, had been cancelled.

Father Mella said that he was escorted to a room, where he watched television for an hour, before being escorted back to the Hong Kong immigration authorities. He believes...

tican statements on illicit ordinations get mixed reactions
(Wednesday, 3 August 2011 )

 HONG KONG (UCAN): The two statements released by the Vatican on July 4 and 16 stating that two bishops illicitly ordained on June 29 and July 14, Father Paul Lei Shiyin, from Leshan; and Father Joseph Huang Bingzhang, from Shantou; have fallen into a state of self-imposed excommunication contain significant differences, commentators say.

The July 16 statement on Father Huang Bingzhang has drawn a bigger reaction than the July 4 one on Father Lei.

A bishop who...

Champion of the marginalised and disadvantaged dies at 98
(Wednesday, 3 August 2011 )

 Macau (SE): Father Luis Ruiz, of the Society of Jesus, who opened the doors of Casa Ricci, the Jesuit residence in Macau to the needy and marginalised in 1951, died on July 26 at the Centro Hospitalar Conde de São Januário, Macau. 

He would have been 98-years-old on September 21. 

He started Casa Ricci Social Services, which grew into what is Caritas de Macau today. 

He was also instrumental in setting up a variety of charitable...

Media blackout says a lot more than nothing
(Wednesday, 3 August 2011 )

WENZHOU (Agencies) : A media blackout coming just seven days after the terrible tragedy that killed at least 42 people and left over 400 injured on July 23, when a speeding train rammed into the back of a stalled one on a viaduct in Wenzhou, says a lot more than nothing.

The accident has put more than a dent in the rolling stock of the much vaunted high speed railway system in China.

The terrible loss of life and injuries incurred have magnified the importance of the signal...

No borders to humanitarian context of the famine in Somalia
(Wednesday, 3 August 2011 )

HONG KONG (SE): “Now is the time to act over the famine in Somalia,” Hong Kong resident, Mark Mullan, told the Sunday Examiner. “This is a humanitarian crisis and the humanitarian community should be involved with saving the lives of the hundreds of thousands, even millions of people who are literally starving.”

Mullan explained that the long running drought that has left the country bereft of food and water should not be looked at so much in the political...