June 2012

Healing touch of sacraments
(Saturday, 30 June 2012 )

The miracle stories retold in the liturgy of Jesus performing a healing are highly familiar to most of us.

The stories are told in great detail. This gives us hope that the age of miracles is not yet over, despite the fact that we know that death is the one inevitable for everyone.

However, as in the biblical rendition of the raising of the 12-year-old daughter of the Roman...

Thirteenth Sunday of the Year
(Saturday, 30 June 2012 )

Mass of the Sunday, Gloria, Creed, preface of the Sunday (green).
Wisdom 1:13-15; 2:23-24; 
2 Corinthians 8:7, 9, 13-15; 
Mark 5:21-43.

Mass of the day (green).

A good dose of biblical wisdom and Church social teaching can inspire a chief executive
(Saturday, 30 June 2012 )

On July 1, Leung Chun-ying will officially become the chief executive of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

His success in what is referred to as the closed election for the chief executive is not without controversy and certainly signals a shift in political power and approach to both the administration and political structure of the territory.

As common...

Catholic leaders warn of dangers of Christian exodus from Middle East
(Saturday, 30 June 2012 )

BEIRUT (CNS): Catholic leaders warned about the dangers of a continued exodus of Christians from the Middle East during a Christian-Muslim dialogue meeting in a mosque in Beirut, Lebanon. 

“If the east is emptied of Christians, it will pave the way for a destructive conflict between Christians and Muslims,” said Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious...

Abortion does not go with sustainable development but food does
(Saturday, 30 June 2012 )

RIO DE JANEIRO (SE): While Catholic groups are rejoicing over a decision not to include abortion or family planning as an international right in the final draft of the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Coopération Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité, an international alliance of Catholic agencies, reports that the document will not touch on some important issues....

Core values of Hong Kong
(Saturday, 30 June 2012 )

Since the handover of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty 15 years ago, the economic and political situations have undergone tremendous change.

Nevertheless, people have continued to upholding such core values as freedom of speech, human rights, rule of law, democracy, equality, peace, charity, integrity, transparency and professionalism.

While these are factors Hong Kong...

Chinese Buddhists won’t sit with Tibetan counterparts
(Saturday, 30 June 2012 )

SEOUL (AsiaNews): The Buddhist Jogye Order, one of the oldest and most respected in South Korea and in the world, attacked a Chinese delegation for walking out of the 26th conference organised by the Friendship of the Worldwide Buddhists held in Yeosu from June 11 to 16, because a Tibetan delegation was present.

The largest Buddhist organisation in South Korea is now asking China to issue an official apology for...

Irish upset at Vatican investigation
(Saturday, 30 June 2012 )

DUBLIN (Agencies): The Leaders of Women’s Religious Congregations in the United States of America are not the only ones upset at recent Vatican investigations into aspects of Church life, with both the Association of Catholic Priests and the bishops of Ireland being highly critical of a report on the Pontifical Irish College, submitted by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, from New York, and resulting in the removal of the top three people in the college...

Russian Orthodox want to firm up presence in China
(Saturday, 30 June 2012 )

KHABAROVSK (Agencies): “We’re holding a rather difficult dialogue to normalise the position of the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church,” the head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations, Metropolitan Hilarion, from Volokolamsk in Russia, said during a visit to Khabarovsk Theological Seminary, just 30 kilometres from the Chinese border.

“There have been periods of flourishing...

Memories of the Great Famine precious to those who starved
(Saturday, 30 June 2012 )

HONG KONG (SE): The Great Leap Forward campaign, instigated by Mao Zedong, was aimed at launching China into a communist utopia, but ended in famine and the deaths of tens of millions of people, a disaster which Peter Ford, writing in the Christian Science Monitor on June 7, says Beijing is still reluctant to acknowledge.

Ford tells of Yang Jisheng, who did not see his father die. He was away at boarding school in...