February 2016

Path to unity may not be a happy one
(Saturday, 20 February 2016 )

HARBIN (UCAN): The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity has shown in some quarters that the path towards ecumenical relations may not always be a happy one.

Joseph Chen discovered while preparing a booklet for a prayer service to be held in eastern Zhejiang during the week, which ran from January 18 to 25 this year, that among his Catholic friends there was far more than a mild disinterest.


Marriage, Pope Francis and Canon Law: 21 Questions for Father Robert Kaslyn sj
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

Father Robert J. Kaslyn SJ, is a Jesuit priest and canon lawyer who serves as Dean of the School of Canon Law at Catholic University of America—the only school of canon law in the United States. He earned his doctorate in canon law (JCD) from St. Paul University in Ottawa. He also holds STB and STL degrees in theology from Regis College at the University of Toronto.

Father Kaslyn specializes in...

Lack of mercy questions reality of hospitality
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

MANILA (SE): Archbishop Socrates Villegas cast a shadow of doubt across the depth of the famed Philippine hospitality, saying in his message for Migrant and Refugee Sunday published on January 17, that the nation has failed to develop a merciful heart and without mercy, cannot offer true hospitality.

In addressing the call of Pope Francis for mercy to be shown to refugees, especially in this time when tens of...

Rock of rebuilding in Cambodia mourned
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

PHNOM PENH (UCAN): One of the rocks in the rebuilding of the Catholic community in Cambodia after the ruthless destruction and bloodshed of the Khmer Rouge regime, Bishop Emile Destombes, died in Phnom Penh on January 28 at the age of 80.

A member of the Paris Foreign Mission Society, Bishop Destombes was sent to Cambodia in 1964, little aware as a 29-year-old of the lifelong commitment he would make to the country...

An unexpected blessing
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

ROME (SE): As Pope Francis stepped forward to impart the final blessing at a ceremony to mark the conclusion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity on January 25 at St. Paul’s Outside the Walls in Rome, Italy, he called Anglican Archbishop David Moxon and the representative of the Ecumenical Patriarch, Archbishop Gennadios, to his side to impart the blessing with him.

“It was incredibly moving to be...

Inculturate or perish
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

The Eucharistic Congress in Cebu in The Philippines was only the fourth to be held in Asia since the first one took place in 1881 in Lille, France.

That was a small event, only intended to involve locals. But as the years rolled by, congresses gathered momentum and in 1893 became truly international with the holding of the first one outside Europe in Jerusalem.

In 1910 it...

Sister Beatrice Mak, RIP
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

With deep sorrow the Precious Blood Sisters announce the death of Sister Beatrice Mak, who passed away peacefully at North District Hospital on 30 January 2016 at the age 90, after 65 years of religious life.

A funeral Mass was offered at St. Francis of Assisi Church,...

Church freedom is a mixed bag in China
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

HIJIAZHUANG (UCAN): When about 10,000 people showed up to a Mass held at the cathedral in Zhengding on December 13 they filled the church compound and overflowed onto the roof of an adjacent building.

Some had travelled the 300 kilometres from Beijing, but the most striking thing was that they were almost all members of the unofficial Church community of China and, despite police presence, no one was detained....

Six Religious Leaders point to climate change
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )


St. Francis as a pioneer of mission among Muslims
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

HONG KONG (SE): St. Francis of Assisi is well known for his finely tuned sense of appreciation of nature, as well as being a dedicated peace-maker, but at an evening held at the Anatolia Dialogue Centre in Wan Chai, Franciscan Brother Raymond Yeung Yim portrayed him as a dedicated, ground-breaking missionary among people of the Muslim faith.

St. Francis had travelled to Morocco and was well acquainted with the...