February 2016

End of Year of Consecrated Life marked
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

HONG KONG (SE): Although becoming fewer in number, the presence of religious from various congregations and secular institutes of consecrated life are a precious part of the life of the Church, John Cardinal Tong Hon told a Mass celebrated at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception to mark the end of the Year of Consecrated Life on February 2.

Celebrated on the feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple,...

Marrakesh Declaration a watershed in the Muslim world
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

MARRAKESH (SE): Zouhir Louassini, a Muslim journalist from Italy’s state-owned 24-hour news channel, described the Marrakesh Declaration drawn up by 300 Muslim clerics and scholars as a highly important step forward in addressing the plight of religious minorities in Muslim majority countries, in an article published in L’Osservatore Romano on January 29...

It is a life worth celebrating
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

HONG KONG (SE): The end of the Year of Consecrated Life was celebrated in music, dance and drama, as well as some hilarity at the Caritas Community Hall in Kowloon on the evening of January 31, as some 650 religious and people living the consecrated life gathered to be entertained by the brave souls among them who dared to walk into the spotlights on stage.

An evening that was billed as entertainment rather than a...

Happy New Year to a great people
(Saturday, 13 February 2016 )

HONG KONG (SE): A greeting for the Lunar New Year from Pope Francis to the people of China was published on the online Hong Kong news site, Asia Times, on February 2, almost one week prior to the actual celebration of the beginning of the Year of the Monkey, which falls on February 8.

Pope Francis said, “On the eve of the New Year, I...

Are Chinese New Year customs easy for you?
(Saturday, 6 February 2016 )

This is my fifth year celebrating the Lunar New Year here in Hong Kong. I don’t find anything wrong in following the Chinese practices during this festivity. I am also used to it. Since we are working here, I think we need to respect and adapt to their customs and traditions. I am always happy and excited to do what must be done in this occasion.