November 2016

The Tiger Boy with his rosary
(Saturday, 26 November 2016 )

A true story about a little boy with an extraordinary faith in the motherly love of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose influence has been serving the Lord
through the Church for over a century


Tak was born into a Catholic family in 1914 (the Year of the Tiger) in a small village in southern China. Tragically, both his parents died before his fifth birthday and his...

A message from our bishop at Advent
(Saturday, 26 November 2016 )

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord

‘Come, Lord Jesus!’ (Revelation 22:20). Advent always reminds us of entering into a new liturgical year in the history of salvation. We are preparing for the Saviour to come 

Looking back over the Jubilee Year of Mercy that ended on November 20, the effort made by...

Celebrating cancer awareness
(Saturday, 26 November 2016 )

HONG KONG (SE): “This is how we celebrate cancer awareness,” Janice Andeza told an eager crowd gathering around a banner proclaiming Cancer Survived is a Life Revived in Chater Road on November 13 for the annual FILMCASS (Filipino Migrant Cancer Support Society) Concert.

FILMCASS is a volunteer organisation made up of migrant workers, which reaches out to those who are suffering from cancer or have...

Father Cullen honoured with humanitarian award
(Saturday, 26 November 2016 )

KILLARNEY (SE): Regular columnist for the Sunday Examiner, Father Shay Cullen, was awarded the Hugh O’Flaherty International Humanitarian Award at a weekend festival in Killarney, Ireland, for his work in promoting human rights, justice and peace.

Awarded by the city of Killarney in honour of one of its most revered sons, Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, whose work on the Rome Escape Line during World...

China gives Internet one more squeeze
(Saturday, 26 November 2016 )

HONG KONG (UCAN): The Chinese government is set to adopt a new Cybersecurity Law, which Human Rights Watch described on November 7 as a regressive measure designed to tighten censorship, as well as closer surveillance and other controls over the Internet operations.

As was expected, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee passed the controversial law during its October 31 to November 7 meeting.

Call for a Church school comeback in Myanmar
(Saturday, 26 November 2016 )

YANGON (UCAN): Saying that in the heyday of the Christian school system during the 1950s, Burma had the best educated children in Asia, Charles Cardinal Maung Bo, from Yangon, intends to make an appeal to the government to allow Churches to contribute once again to the revitalisation of the nation.

He explained that the long neglect of the education system, which began with the nationalisation of schools under Ne Win when...

Pope harsh on self-interest critics
(Saturday, 26 November 2016 )

HONG KONG (SE): “Following the publication of your apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love), theologians and scholars have proposed interpretations that are not only divergent, but also conflicting,” a letter to Pope Francis under the title, Seeking Clarity: A plea to untie the knots in Amoris Laetitia, and signed by four cardinals begins.

One of them, Raymond Cardinal Burke...

The faith of Advent
(Saturday, 26 November 2016 )

Advent is a time to ask how Christians can respond to the increasingly polarised situation of politics across the world and especially at home in Hong Kong, as new challenges, such as the further division caused by the interpretation by Beijing of the Basic Law, present themselves.

A peep at the Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World from Vatican II may help...

The why of the pope’s liturgical broom
(Saturday, 26 November 2016 )

VATICAN (SE): A recent interview with Pope Francis by Father Antonio Spadaro, the editor-in-chief of Civiltà Cattolica, sheds more light on his decision to remove the entire complement of 27 members from the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments.

The French publication, Crux, reported that in the interview, Pope Francis insists that the reform of the liturgy of the Mass that...

Fifty-nine million out of school
(Saturday, 26 November 2016 )

GENEVA (AsiaNews): About a third of all children in developing nations do not get the opportunity to go to school, because they must work. But what is more surprising, around the same number say their schools are not safe.

The results of a study carried out by the ChildFund Alliance on school absenteeism in 41 nations, found the highest out of school rate is in Afghanistan, where nine out of 10 children are not in...