November 2017

Living in a plastic world
(Saturday, 4 November 2017 )

Though it is a relatively new product, plastic is all around us, sometimes for good, but more often as toxic waste. But its uses are many and varied.
It insulates electric wiring and makes it safe. Most light switches and plugs are made of plastic and it is also used to make pipes that transport our drinking water and sewage.
Baby bottles, toothpaste, tooth brushes and shampoo bottles are also made from plastics. In our hospitals,...

Uproar over restart of open pit mining
(Saturday, 4 November 2017 )

MANILA (UCAN): A decision of the Mining Industry Coordinating Council of The Philippines to lift the ban placed on open pit mining by the fired secretary for the environment, Gina Lopez, has drawn criticism from many quarters, especially indigenous peoples, areas heavily dependent on agriculture or the fish industry, as well as conservationists.
Father Edwin Gariguez, from Caritas Philippines, described the decision to end the ban as a backward step by government away from...

Japan first Asian nation to forge full diplomatic ties with the Vatican
(Saturday, 4 November 2017 )

VATICAN (SE): The Holy See and Japan are marking the 75th anniversary of the forging between the two states of full diplomatic relations in 1942.
In the Vatican, the celebrations revolved around a Mass celebrated at the Church of the Gesù in Rome by the Vatican secretary of state, Pietro Cardinal Parolin, on October 11, and a symposium at the Pontifical Gregorian University on the following day.
The controversial theme of both the Mass and the...

Xi Jinping Thought on Church pews
(Saturday, 4 November 2017 )

HONG KONG (SE): There was nothing unpredictable in the comments on religion in the opening speech given by the president of China, Xi Jinping, at the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China in the Great Hall of the People on October 18.
His comments had been signalled for some time in a series of new regulations that are now in place and ready to come into effect on February 2 next year.
On top of that there has been a gradual...