May 2019

The curse of sex tourism - part 1
(Saturday, 25 May 2019 )

The depravity of human nature reveals itself in the most shocking way as sex tourism. This phenomenon has become a government-supported and encouraged form of personal and national income generation in many countries which exploits and abuses millions of people around the world.
Currently, almost half a million people in the Philippines specifically, and many more in other nations, work in the huge sex tourist industry that annually generates several...

The best resources poor people have are other poor people
(Saturday, 25 May 2019 )

Father Michael Kelly SJ
Email is a wonderful means of communication. Though not as good as meeting someone face to face, it still allows immediate and at times quite intimate contact between people living on opposite sides of the planet. It can also connect you to someone you don’t know who just lives around the corner.
Recently, I connected with an 18-year-old Pakistani lad whom I didn’t know but he lived...

Beijing’s big bucks muffle religious protest in Southeast Asia
(Saturday, 25 May 2019 )

Simon Roughneen 
A year ago the United States moved its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, sparking protests in Muslim-majority countries and drawing official condemnation at the United Nations (UN).
An estimated 30,000 people demonstrated in Jakarta, Indonesia, as the president, Joko Widodo, said his country “rejects” the American move as it “may disrupt the peace process in Israel and...

Slow pace of Marawi recovery under fire
(Saturday, 25 May 2019 )

MANILA (UCAN): Thousands of people remain in temporary shelters more than 18 months after Philippine troops ended a five-month conflict with Islamic militants in the southern city of Marawi that displaced close to half a million people.
The United Nations (UN) Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimated that about 66,000 people are still homeless.
Some are staying with relatives in nearby areas, while an estimated 4,500 people...

Be wary of the temptation of functionalism
(Saturday, 25 May 2019 )

Robert Mickens, Rome
Most people who follow the happenings of the Catholic Church will vividly remember this date: 13 March 2013.
It was on that evening in Rome that a Jesuit cardinal from Argentina named Jorge Mario Bergoglio appeared on the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica dressed in white. He was the newly elected pope and had taken the name Francis.
“You know that it was the duty...

Fifth Sunday of Easter and Fifth Week of Easter - Mass Readings
(Saturday, 18 May 2019 )

Mass of the Sunday, Gloria, Creed, Easter Preface (white). 
Readings: Acts 14: 21b - 27; Revelation 21: 1-5a; John 13: 31-33a, 34-35.
Mass of the day, Easter Preface (white). 
Readings: Acts 14: 5-18; John 14: 21-26.

Fifth Sunday of Easter - The new commandment
(Saturday, 18 May 2019 )

I give you a new commandment: Love one another just as I have loved you!” (John 13:34).
To underline the importance of loving one another, Jesus repeats it twice before walking to Gethsemane: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12),(John 15:17). 
He speaks like someone who wants to leave an inheritance as he says I give (v.34).
We ourselves could have...

Fifth Sunday of Easter - Pag-ibig tulad kay Hesus!
(Saturday, 18 May 2019 )

Karamihan sa ating mga kababayan, mga OFW, ay nagsasakripisyo na magtrabaho sa ibang bansa dahil sa pag-ibig ng kanilang pamilya. Maraming mga kwento ng ating mga kababayan tungkol sa pag-hihirap at pag iinsulto sa trabaho. Pero kinaya ang lahat dahil sa pagmamahal sa pamilya.
Sa ating ebanghelyo sabi ni Hesus sa kanyang mga alagad, “mag-ibigan kayo! Kung paano inibig ko kayo, gayon din naman, mag-ibigan kayo.” Ano ba ang pag-ibig ni Hesus?...

Serve the Philippine people bishops tell vote winners
(Saturday, 18 May 2019 )

MANILA (Agencies): Philippine bishops urged the winners of the country’s midterm elections, especially the new senators, to live up to the expectations of the electorate, CBCP News reported on May 14.
Bishop Ruperto Santos of Balanga, expressed hopes that elected officials would truly work for the service of the people and not for vested interests.
“It is our prayer and hope that they will not fail us, nor fail us again,” the...

Message from the Vatican for Ramadan and 'Id al-Fitr
(Saturday, 18 May 2019 )

Christians and Muslims:
Promoting Universal Fraternity
Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, 
The month of Ramadan with its dedication to fasting, prayer and almsgiving, also a month for strengthening the spiritual bonds we share in Muslim-Christian friendship. I am pleased, therefore, to take this opportunity to wish you a peaceful and fruitful celebration of Ramadan. ...