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Turkish court sentences driver for 2010 murder of apostolic vicar


VATICAN CITY (CNS): A Turkish court sentenced Murat Altun to 15 years in prison for the 2010 murder of the apostolic vicar of Anatolia, Bishop Luigi Padovese. 

Altun, now 29-years-old, was the bishop’s driver. He was arrested and confessed almost immediately after the murder, although in the months after his arrest he gave several different explanations of why he stabbed and almost decapitated the bishop. 

At the end of his trial on January 22, Altun said he was sorry for his actions and claimed that Bishop Padovese was “the last person I would have ever wanted to harm.” 

According to AsiaNews, Altun’s lawyers tried to argue that their client was not mentally competent. However, the court accepted the findings of a panel of doctors who examined him in 2011 and said he was capable of understanding his actions and their consequences.....


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