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Gloria Estefan on Christ and peace

VATICAN (Agencies): When she was first invited to appear on the Vatican version of TedX, people wondered what on earth the popular Cuban-born singer, Gloria Estefan, could have to say that was worth hearing.

Well, now they know. On April 23 Estefan addressed the forum at the Vatican on the importance of the teachings of Jesus Christ to ensuring peace in the world.

She told CNA she believes it is important that the basic teachings of Jesus Christ be passed on to young people.

“It is about treating other human beings like you want to be treated and, if we did that, there would be no conflicts or difficulties in life,” she said.

She arrived in Rome with her husband, Emilio Estefan, and during the conference, she performed a song and shared her experience with the hundreds of people present from all parts of the world.

“Each religion has love as its foundation,” Estefan, who was born in Cuba and grew up in Miami in the United States of America, said.

“We have differences that are more cultural, although religious as well, but I think that it is important that we… try to understand each other and stop trying simply to change each other’s faith.”

She stressed, “I think we need to be in communion with others and I believe a lot in the power of prayer.”

Estefan said that she has tried to live that truth even with her music, calling it her catharsis and support, which has helped her get through difficult times. “Having the blessing of my music, being heard in other places is a responsibility and a privilege that I take very seriously,” she explained.

Estefan said that faith has been a pillar in her life. She recalled a bus accident in 1990 that left her unable to walk and unsure if she would ever sing again.

“When I was in that huge accident I received a lot of prayers from around the world,” she explained. “I believe in God and I will never be an atheist. The world is too beautiful to think that God does not exist.”

Estefan composed the song, Coming Out of the Dark, which became a worldwide hit dedicated to God.  She said that she wanted to thank all those who sent her their prayers and helped her recover.

“That song has a very religious meaning for me,” she explained. “It signifies the power of prayer and that we all have to help each other.”

Observing that people from all over the world and of different faiths prayed for her, Estefan said she believes that religious freedom means achieving the goals that all religions share, which are respect for the human being, respect for women, respect for the family, the values that elevate us and that bring us spiritually to choose the right things.

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