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School strikes gold at green awards

Hong Kong (SE): The Sing Yin Secondary School struck gold in the secondary school division of the 2012 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence.

The award ceremony took place on May 2 at the Hong Kong Convention Centre, with the chief executive of the special administrative region, Leung Cheung-ying, handing the golden, pyramid-shaped award to the school’s supervisor, Father Emil Lim, from the Society of the Divine Word.

Father Lim lauded the efforts made by the staff and students of Sing Yin to help preserve the environment.

A statement from the school notes that the recognition comes on the heels of receiving the Hong Kong Green School award in October last year and the bronze award for Best Green Technology at the Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology Awards this April. 

The statement calls the award for environmental excellence “a symbol of our outstanding achievements and acts as a motivation for us to do even better.”

The school’s statement goes on to underscore the importance it places on environmental education and appreciating life in all its beauty.

It expresses the hope that students will one day be able to live healthy, meaningful and positive lives. 

The statement adds, “We thank the Lord for blessing our school with its new resources, especially with our new renewable energy and energy-saving facilities. However, we simply cannot depend on these (alone) to help conserve our planet.

“Here at Sing Yin, we will continue, with the dedication of the staff and students, to carry out a wide range of effective environmental policies, make good use of all our resources and reduce the waste creation in every possible way.

“In the spirit of sustainable development, we will continue to promote environmental protection by reducing our carbon emissions.”

The statement concludes, “This award is only the beginning for us, as we will continue on our journey in hope of providing a more sustainable environment for us to live in.”

The Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence is recognised as being among the most prestigious and reputable environmental recognition schemes in the territory.

Begun in 2008, it is headed up by the Environmental Campaign Committee alongside the Environmental Protection Department, in conjunction with nine organisations.

It is a merger and extension of three previous environmental award schemes. 

A total of 154 companies from all over Hong Kong received Green Innovation Awards at the presentation ceremony.

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