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Metro accident in Shanghai prompts questions of care

HANGHAI (AsiaNews) : A collision between two suburban trains in the underground metro complex of Shanghai in which 245 people were injured, has sparked new interest in the tragic collision between two super-speed trains in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, which resulted in 40 deaths.

The Shanghai metro company says that the incident was caused by a signal malfunction, causing one train to run into the back of a stationary one. The disaster at Wenzhou also occurred due to the non-functioning of the signalling system.

The collision occurred at about 2.51pm at a station on Line 10. Photos posted on the Internet show bloodied people, others unconscious and some with head injuries.

Police shut down nine stations and organised the evacuation of about 500 passengers.

Bloggers commenting on the incident are accusing the authorities of carelessness, being concerned only with growth and technical development and disregarding passenger’s safety.

Others are questioning the country’s frenetic pace of development, which they claim is too fast, since it shows no concern for the quality of life.

Shanghai launched its first metro line in 1995. At present there are 11 lines that cover over 420 kilometres of track, carrying over half a million passengers a day.

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