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Determination is important in attaining success students hear

Hong Kong (SE): St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School held its annual speech day on the afternoon of May 31 in the school hall at its campus on Clear Water Bay Road, Kowloon. 

After a prayer and proclamation of the gospel by Father Doimo Dino, from the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, the school supervisor, Irving Koo Yee-yin, made his opening remarks, which were followed by a report on the year from the principal, Paul Yeung Siu-hung.

The keynote speech was given by a distinguished alumnus of the school, district court judge, Yee Kai-siu, who encouraged the young graduates to set life goals and stride towards them, despite shortcomings and failures. 

Yee shared his own learning experience and highlighted the importance of determination in attaining success.

Performances included choral recitals, public  speaking and drama presentations put on by students from St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese Primary School.

Form five student, Peter Leung, and form one student, William Wong, recited their award-winning poems, followed by a performance from the recorder team, which won first place at the 65th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. Lau Tsz-lung, winner of the Fourth International Martial Arts Championship, then gave a demonstration of his prowess.


The afternoon concluded with a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

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