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Canonisation for Pope John Paul may be close

ROME (Agencies): A miracle attributed to Pope John Paul II has been approved by a panel of theologians, the Italian news service, ANSA, announced on June 18.

If the report is accurate, the approval could pave the way for the canonisation of Pope John Paul sometime this year. It is thought that October maybe the month for canonisation, as it is the 35th anniversary of his election to the papacy.

ANSA reports that the theologians appointed by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to study a reported miracle have given their approval. Earlier this year a panel of doctors found that a cure was medically inexplicable.

The Vatican has not confirmed the approval by the panel nor has the nature of the reported miracle been disclosed.

If the miracle has been approved by both doctors and theologians, the only remaining steps are the formal approval from the cardinals who make up the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and a mandate from Pope Francis.


Pope John Paul has already been declared a blessed.

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