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Pope considering adviser on Curia reform

Rome (Agencies): Pope Francis has apparently asked Thomas von Mitschke-Collande, a manager of the international consulting firm McKinsey & Company, to advise him on streamlining the Curia.

According to a June 13 report in the British Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, Italian journalist and editor of, Sandro Magister, said Pope Francis enthusiastically welcomed the idea.

He said the proposal was made by Father Hans Langerdörfer, the secretary of the German Bishops’ Conference, and supported by Reinhard Cardinal Marx of Munich and Freising, one of the group of eight cardinals advising the pope.

According to Magister, von Mitschke-Collande helped the archdiocese of Berlin “get its accounts back in order, and the German episcopal conference asked him to draw up a plan to save on costs and personnel.”

Von Mitschke-Collande is the author of the book, Schafft sich die katholische Kirche ab? (Is the Catholic Church Self-Destructing?). He has argued that the faith should be spreading rapidly, but that Church leaders have failed to respond. 


He is quoted in the Catholic Herald as saying, “The Church has no demand problem, but rather a supply problem. It reaches fewer people today, just as they are, with all their hopes and needs. Actually, the Church should be booming. More than ever, people are looking for spirituality, community, and a direction.”

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