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Bishop Jin’s ashes scattered to four winds

SHANGHAI (SE): A large photograph of the late Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian sj and the shiny black urn containing the ashes of his mortal remains were carried at the head of a procession of around 100 people, led by two acolytes carrying candles to a launch in Wusong Port in Shanghai on August 19.

After boarding, the launch moved to the meeting point of the Huangpu and Yangtze Rivers, where the ashes of the much loved leader of the Catholic community in Shanghai for over 20 years were scattered to the four winds.

Bishop Jin died on April 27 at the age of 96. It was his own expressed wish that his remains be scattered to the four winds.

A makeshift memorial altar had been set up in the cabin of the launch, where the portrait and urn containing his ashes were placed. 

Priests and people took their seats in the main cabin of the launch and prayed for the late bishop, taking turns to offer personal homage and a prayer for the sometimes controversial bishop, and sprinkle his remains with holy water.

UCA News reported that a memorial Mass followed at the downtown St. Ignatius Cathedral in the Xujiahui district of Shanghai.

The Mass was concelebrated by around 200 priests and attended by people from the local Catholic communities, sisters and government officials.

On August 6, Father Francis Xavier Yao Jingxing, a prolific translator and former publisher for Guangqi Press in Shanghai diocese died at the age of 97.

UCA News reported that the deaths of the two elderly clergymen prompted a blogger, writing under the name Petrus Zou, to say that the deaths of Father Yao and the bishop have raised concerns about the future of the diocese.


He called it a sign that an era has come to an end.

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