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Government recruits over 20,000 lawyers

BEIJING (SE): The Chinese publication, Xinhua, quoted the vice minister for justice, Zhao Dacheng, as saying on August 11 that 23,500 lawyers had been recruited as legal advisers for all levels of government in China.

He described their work as facilitating the construction of a law-based governance process.

Zhao made the remarks at a symposium held in Beijing on Lawyers serving the construction of a law-based government. He added that the figure accounted for more than one tenth of the country’s total number of lawyers.

He explained that more than 1,300 of them are to be employed by provincial-level governments, 8,100 for city-level and 14,000 by prefecture-level governmental bodies.

The lawyers were previously employed as governmental agents to participate in lawsuits, but now they are being tasked with offering advice to governments in dealing with legal affairs.

Zhao explained that they will also take part in the drafting and amending of normative government documents and negotiations on foreign-related projects, as well as the restructuring of state-owned enterprises.

Zhou Yuansheng, the secretary-general of the All China Lawyers Association, was reported by Xinhua as saying at the gathering that lawyers have provided government at all levels with more than 510,000 consulting services over the past three years.


Zhou added that the lawyers have created nearly 90,000 legal opinions for governmental bodies during the period.

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