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Church gives help to study

WANZHOU (SE): Twenty university students from poor families received financial aid on August 23 from the diocese of Wanzhou in Sichuan province, mainland China, as part of a campaign to help children from poorer families to get an education.

The initiative is part of the Let us give a hand to fulfill the dream of study campaign launched by the Catholic community of Wanzhou, to give an educational opportunity to the children of the poor, Fides reported on August 26.

The new school year begins in China on September 1, so the helping hand payments are timely.

Hebei Press reported that helping the poor is always the priority in the Catholic community.

The diocese of Wanzhou recently carried out a survey and a thorough investigation to identify families that would find it difficult to support their children at university and high school, because they would be unable to pay their fees.

It then launched a campaign to help them. 


Up until now, the diocese has delivered 200,000 yuan ($250,000) to the families of hundreds of children, adolescents and university students in various districts and villages.

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