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Let’s talk about sex

HONG KONG (SE): The common wisdom of wider society and the teaching of the Church on sex can be miles apart, creating a serious dilemma for young Catholics in today’s world.

In addition, it is difficult for them to find an appropriate forum to discuss sexual mores and values in either the Church or in society, often having to rely on their friends, who can be great pillars of support at times, but not always full of wisdom or givers of great advice.

“Young people certainly don’t really want to hear it from an old person,” Uta Trogele told the Sunday Examiner. “It is more convincing and inspiring to hear it from one of their peers.”

German-born Trogele has been behind bringing a group of 24 fresh graduates called Generation Life to Hong Kong to talk sex with young people in various churches and schools around the city between October 1 and 13.

The group will talk sex and chastity, love and marriage, lifestyle and respect, not only with young people of their own age, but also their parents, teachers and friends.

Founded in Philadelphia in the United States of America in the year 2000, Generation Life seeks to educate not only young people from primary school to university, but also their parents.

It describes itself as a movement of young people committed to building a culture of life by educating their own peers on pro-life and chastity and developing new leaders for the pro-life movement.

“We believe that by spreading the message of chastity, we can end abortion at the root cause,” the group states on its Website.

“When we live a chaste life and respect life, then we do not have to worry about abortion anymore,” Trogele, the former development officer for Generation Life and only member of the current team over 30, says.

“Women deserve better. They need to hear the truth about the horrific side effects of abortion,” she reflected.

She explained that the members of the team commit themselves to a year of service after graduation—which sometimes stretches to two or three. They begin with a period of discernment, before receiving training in how to present themselves and their material.

“They walk the talk,” she exclaimed.

“The best thing about the team coming to Hong Kong is that one of its members was born here,” she revealed. “Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidence! I just smile and thank God for all that he provides for us,” she reflected.

Trogele described the presentations as being grounded in the theology of the body.

“The beauty of being in a team is that it gives them strength to live out this lifestyle that is so different from what society around them promotes. It is freeing and fun. These young people are a lot of fun to be around.”

Trogele says that she is convinced that there is a demand for the services of a group like Generation Life in Hong Kong, as since she moved here early this year many people have encouraged her to invite a group to come to the city and talk to their children.

She said that the group offers a variety of programmes, including presentations for the classroom, parish, university leadership meetings and special events.

It claims to reach over 70,000 students each year.

In Hong Kong, Generation Life will be giving talks at St. Paul’s Convent School, Maryknoll Convent School and Sing Yin Secondary School; Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish in Wanchai; St. Teresa’s, Prince Edward Road; St. Joseph’s, Central; and St. Anne’s in Stanley; as well as an afternoon session of Theology on Tap at Ned Kelly’s Last Stand in Tsimshatsui.

Topics include, Sex and love: make a difference–In your life and your loved ones!; Sex and love: why wait for marriage? Society versus Catholic teaching; How to raise pure children in an impure world; Learn how to talk to your teenager about love, life and respect; Love and sex: why wait for marriage?; and I am worth waiting for! 




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