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Australia embraces Mongolia for World Mission Sunday

BRISBANE (AsiaNews): The Church in Australia has chosen the young Catholic community in Mongolia as the theme of its appeal for World Mission Sunday this year, which falls on October 20, the second last Sunday in October.

Any offerings, prayers or volunteer work will go to help the young Asian Church, which was only established 20 years ago with less than 500 Catholics.

Bishop Wenceslao Padilla, the apostolic prefect in Ulaanbaatar, travelled to Australia to talk about the challenges facing the mission.

The Filipino bishop is a veteran of mission in Mongolia. A priest of the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, he has led the way in establishing the Church in the country for the past 20 years.

Along with three brothers, he began a long journey that has borne fruit; yet faced many problems which still persist in the country.

David McGovern, the director of the Catholic Mission Office for the archdiocese of Brisbane, told a gathering to welcome the bishop to the archdiocese on September 18, “We have heard an inspirational story of building a Church structure from scratch.”

McGovern said, “The bishop faced many challenges, like the Mongolian weather for example and a complex social situation in a country “struggling with alcoholism, domestic abuse, minimal government social services and extreme poverty.”

He explained, “Bishop Padilla called for support of the young Church which now has 50 missionary sisters and 21 priests.”

The visiting bishop has travelled to Newcastle, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth where he took the opportunity to thank people for the help they have provided and continue to provide to make the witness of the good news of Jesus Christ a possibility in Mongolia.

“Volunteers from Catholic Mission have been inspired by what they heard and will go out through the archdiocese to spread the word,” McGovern said.


Through generous and faithful donors, Catholic Mission, which used to be called Propagation of the Faith, has supported the Mongolian Church since day one.

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