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Nairobi mall attack attempt to split Christians and Muslims

NAIROBI (SE): Religious leaders from the Interreligious Council in Kenya said on September 23 that the attack on the up market Westfield Mall in Nairobi is a straight out attempt to sow seeds of discord between Christians and Muslims.

Fides quoted the secretary general of the Supreme Council of Muslims in Kenya, Adan Wachu, as saying, “We, religious leaders, are engaged in a robust dialogue to ensure that these relations are not just maintained, but also made stronger. We are convinced beyond doubt that the attempt to sow seeds of discord between Muslims and Christians will fail miserably and that we shall remain united.”

Anglican Bishop Joel Waweru Mwangi, from Nairobi, added, “We are disheartened with what happened, but we want to call our Christian brothers and sisters to keep peace and maintain the peace.”


According to testimonies gathered by survivors, it seems the attackers targeted victims based on religious affiliation. They asked people if they were Muslims and then, if they could recite the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith, they spared them.

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