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Go on a mission

SHIJIAZHUANG (SE): Bishop Joseph Li Liangui, from the diocese of Xian Xian and Cangzhou, counselled newly ordained priests and two deacons to walk in the footsteps of St. Therese, the patron of the mission, on their ordination day, October 1, the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux.

“Go on a mission!” the bishops said, stressing that this is a highly significant thing to keep in mind at the beginning of October, the month of mission.

Fides also reported that two important anniversaries are being celebrated in the diocese—150 years since the construction of the cathedral and 10 years since it was re-consecrated.

The new priests said that they are aware that ordination to priesthood and diaconate is a new beginning of their mission and their life dedicated to the Lord, rather than a goal that has been achieved.

They chose the House of Elders for their first celebration of the Eucharist to emphasise that their focus will always be directed towards the most vulnerable and needy in society.

The diocese of Taiyuan, in Shanxi, also celebrated the ordination of four priests by Bishop Meng Ningyou, the coadjutor.


After a long and intense spiritual retreat for priests of the diocese on the theme of prayer, community sharing and the life of faith with joy, the bishop said, “The priestly community welcomes these four new brothers, to put themselves at the service of the people of God.”

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