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Twinkling hope

VATICAN (SE): The lights of the Vatican Christmas tree began to twinkle on the evening of December 13 reflecting the great light that the birth of Christ brought into a darkened world.

The tree for this year is a gift from the people of Bavaria in Germany.

Vatican Radio reported that the giant fir tree, together with other smaller trees, now decorate St. Peter’s Square and different parts of the Vatican.

Pope Francis told a delegation from Bavaria that the impressive tree will remain in the square throughout the Christmas festivities, bringing pleasure to locals and visitors from all over the world.

The pope said that just as the shepherds in Bethlehem were surrounded by a great light, so Jesus today continues to shine his divine light into the darkness of error and sin.


“Let us all be swathed in that light,” he said, “so that the joy of the gospel can fill the hearts of those who encounter Jesus in their lives.”

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