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Pope tweets message of support to pro-life march

Washington DC (Agencies): “I join the March for Life in Washington with my prayers,” Pope Francis tweeted on January 22 in support of the annual pro-life rally. 

Tens of thousands braved the bitter cold and converged on the Washington Mall for this year’s event, run under the theme, Adoption: A Noble Decision, signalling a new approach as well as a focus on other issues besides abortion. 

Organisation president, Jeanne Monahan, who succeeded the late Nellie Gray in 2012, told the crowd, “When a woman makes a choice to be a birth mother, she embraces motherhood in its most heroic sense.” She added, “For any woman who has had an abortion, you have to know there is hope and healing.”

The crowd was mostly composed of young people and heavy use was made of social media, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to stir interest and organise participants, and keep people interested during the year. 

Previously perceived as a mainly Catholic event, this year saw greater emphasis on ties with other faith groups, as Catholic bishops were joined by Orthodox leaders for the opening prayer given by Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios.

In addition, James Dobson, an evangelical leader and founder of Focus on the Family, together with his adopted son, Ryan, were among the featured speakers at the rally before the walk to the Supreme Court building. 


Dobson told the predominately young gathering, “You are the future of the pro-life movement. We will win this fight.”

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