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Upholding the truth

EVERY FRIDAY DURING Lent, parishes in Hong Kong observe the way of the cross. One of the aims is to learn from the suffering Christ the spirit of loving to the end. It also gives an insight into his unfailing resistance to evil and helps people to unite with him in their daily lives.

In fact, the earthly life of Jesus was a journey of suffering. In the eyes of the world he was a failure. However, he showed us a way to fullness of life: because he understood the dangers and risks faced by the pilgrim Church and the darkness of the world.

Only through him can we walk towards the path of righteousness. He is the way, truth and life.

In recent days, Hong Kong has been overshadowed by repression and gloom. The former editor of the Ming Pao newspaper, Kevin Lau Chun-to, has been brutally attacked. This has not only made everyone in Hong Kong furious, but also brought insecurity to media workers.

Over the past few days, the general public has expressed concern over this and denounced the brutality at prayer meetings, silent sit-ins, rallies and demonstrations.

The protests against violence and the voices in defence of press freedom have been unceasing. The attack has also drawn the attention of the international media. This shows that Hong Kong people are aware of the vulnerability of press freedom and the need to safeguard their right to know.

Even though media workers have been violently attacked in recent years, they still persist with courage, disclosing the injustice behind big power. They do not flinch even at the threat of brutality and will not let the truth be suppressed.

In facing the challenges of this time, our Christian faith encourages us to safeguard the truth with courage and embrace faith and hope.

It is trust in God, who gives us the grace and energy to overcome evil and attain good that gives this strength. The Lord saves the people. The meaning and the basis of Christian commitment in the world are founded on this belief, which gives rise to hope, despite the sin that deeply marks human history.

The divine promise guarantees that the world will not remain closed in upon itself, but be open to the kingdom of God. Christian hope lends great energy to commitment in the social field. Hope generates confidence in the possibility of building a better world (Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church 578-579).

What we trust in is Christ on the cross. The whole life of Christ accomplished salvation through suffering. His cross has become the sign of our faith.

When facing the cross, we should not stop at looking, but embrace hope and faith, and the Christ who died on the cross and was resurrected in glory. This is a special gift for Christians.

Therefore we must grasp the chance of being witnesses in our daily lives and fight against the evil in the world of darkness through continued conversion.


Lent awakens our hearts to commit ourselves to act in the struggle against evil, face persecution and suffering, and use our lives to build a better and a more harmonious society. SE