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Synod presidents include one Asian

VATICAN (SE): One cardinal from Asia has been named among the three presidents to preside at the upcoming October Synod of Bishops which will meet in Rome.

The Vatican Information Service announced on February 21 that Luis Cardinal Tagle, the archbishop of Manila in The Philippines, is among the three. The other two are Andre Cardinal Vingt-Trois, the archbishop of Paris, France; and Raymundo Cardinal Damasceno Assis, archbishop of Aparecida, Brazil.

The announcement came as 150 cardinals hunkered down in discussion in order to put together preparation material for the Synod on Family Life.

The Vatican press officer, Father Federico Lombardi, said that among the themes considered at the extraordinary consistory are the concept of the family according to a Christian anthropological perspective and its value in the context of a secularised culture, which presents a different concept of the family, sexuality and the person and in which the Christian approach at times encounters difficulties.

“Reflection did not take place in a climate of complaint,” he explained, “but rather of realism, observing the difficulty faced by Christianity in a culture that tends to go in another direction.”


Other issues related to various aspects of the pastoral care of the family, including preparation for marriage and matrimonial and family spirituality, were also discussed.

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