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Theological institute milestone for Singapore

SINGAPORE (AsiaNews): In an effort to dispel what is described as an attitude of distrust of Catholic doctrine among people in Singapore, Archbishop William Goh described the opening of a new Theological Institute as an extremely valuable asset to the archdiocese.

At the January 22 opening, the apostolic nuncio, Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli, said it will offer people an opportunity to learn about their faith in a more systematic and in-depth manner.

Archbishop Goh said on the day that the beginnings of theology lie in the act of pondering God, but the difference between a theologian and a Christian in the street is that the theologian reflects and analyses the faith in a systematic and methodical way.

He explained that this type of knowledge is necessary so that people understand that our faith is credible and reasonable.

The addition of a theological institute to the archdioceses is regarded as an important step in the development of the Church in Singapore, about five per cent of whose population is Catholic, or about 200,000 people.

The rector of the newly-opened institute, Father James Yeo, said that first of all it is at the service of the community of the city-state and, secondly, even if the possibility remains to be verified, the surrounding nations.


There have been at least 130 requests for registration for the course in theology, most of who already boast a high-level of specialised education.

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