CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Saturday, 16 February 2019

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Hot sun heralds summer camps for the young

BEIJING (Agencies): The summer vacation in China is always a busy time around parishes. With people having some free time on their hands, it is an opportunity to gather people together for a bit of getting to know you better, as well as partake in activities that contribute towards the quality of faith life.

The focus is usually on the knowledge of the faith, prayer and reflection, as well as spiritual direction. Because schools have holidays, a special emphasis is placed on young people, with a variety of activities organised for them in various places.

Fides reports that this year in the diocese of Zhoucun, Shandong province, several summer sessions focussing on the catechism have been organised for elementary and secondary school students, as well as those who are taking a break from university.

Separate programmes are prepared for various age groups. 

Students who have just completed their final exams are being invited to take courses on liturgy and faith formation.

During the various programmes vocation to the priesthood and religious life is also presented in a challenging manner.

Prior to the summer pastoral activities, the priests and sisters of the diocese take part in training courses for themselves, as well as spending time preparing the content of what they intend to present to the various age groups.

One organiser of a programme told Fides that a lot of the study and reflection is directed at making sure that the needs of the young people are being addressed.

In addition, training courses provide them with particular skills and knowledge that will be needed to present topics in a challenging and understandable way.

“Daily Mass, community life and formation are activities that enable our children to develop a consciousness of the Christian community and a sense of gratitude for having received the faith, as well as a sense of service in the Church and social life, becoming witnesses of faith since childhood,” the organiser said.

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