CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Saturday, 25 May 2019

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New Mass translation kicks off

HONG KONG (SE): Most parts of the English-speaking Church began using the new translation of the Mass on the first Sunday of Advent, November 27.

While reports on what for many was a new experience say that except for half the congregation automatically defaulting to well known phrases, especially in short responses, and a lot of fumbling with books and printed sheets, things went smoothly enough.

While a bit more practice will see these problems sort themselves out, it is a lot harder to measure the success of the bottom line reason for the change; a deeper appreciation of the mystery being celebrated.

Simply asking people if they have looked up the words in a dictionary that are not in common usage will not answer that question either.

There should be more light around the issue before Hong Kong begins to use the translation at the beginning of Advent next year.

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