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All papal documents on communication online

VATICAN (AsiaNews): The Vatican presented a new online digital library geared to those interested and working in Catholic education and training centres at a press conference on September 30.

Known as the Baragli Project, the initiative makes the entire Pontifical Magesterium on communications from the first to the 21st century available online, featuring excerpts from more than 1,100 papal documents, including translations into various languages.

“It is to be hoped that this facility will allow those who are involved in formation to work together to share ideas about how best to form good pastoral communicators and to identify best practices in this regard,” Archbishop Maria Celli, the president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, said in presenting the project.

“This collection,” he added, “enables us to appreciate how the Church’s manner and means of expressing its message have been transformed over the years in order to take account of changes and developments in the dominant forms and technologies of mass communication.”

Father Franco Lever, a professor emeritus in the Social Communication Faculty at the Pontifical Salesian University, said that the site features a navigator which helps to explore available online sources, offers a platform for reading and personal study, as well as an open environment for collaboration.


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