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Vatican opens night shelter

Vatican (SE): A new home for the homeless was opened at the Vatican on October 12. The Dono di Misericordia (Gift of Mercy) is a gift to Pope Francis from the General House of the Society of Jesus in response to his appeal to religious communities to house people in need.

The Vatican Information Service reported on October 12 that the Apostolic Almoner, the office of papal charities, called it a concrete gesture to adapt the structure to the needs of its users.

It was funded by the proceeds from the sale of parchments of the apostolic blessing and by generous contributions from private individuals. The Almoner, along with the Sisters of Charity, will continue to provide economic support for the dormitory, which can house 34 men.

Since 1988, in the Casa Dono di Maria in the Vatican, 50 beds have been available to accommodate women for overnight stays, of which around 30 are occupied on a stable basis.

The Holy See press Office reported that Pope Francis dropped in on the evening of October 15 and the 30 guests receiving hospitality that night appeared pleased to see him.


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