CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Saturday, 20 April 2019

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On-demand pornography removed at Hyatt

CHICAGO (Agencies) : The global hotel and resort chain Hyatt Hotels is to cut off on-demand access to video pornography in all of their hotel rooms across the globe, the advocacy group, National Centre on Sexual Exploitation, told CNA.

“With this step, Hyatt is proving itself to be a leader among corporations that value a positive and safe environment for their consumers,” Patrick Trueman, the president of the Centre said on October 14.

“By removing on-demand pornography, Hyatt is also taking a stand against prostitution and sex trafficking, which are crimes that often take place in hotels,” Trueman explained.

“This content will not be introduced to any new Hyatt hotel and it will be discontinued or phased out at all hotels,” the New York Times reported.


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