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Tunisia shows Arab Muslim world can be democratic

TUNIS (SE): “We are happy because it is a recognition and encouragement to Tunisian democracy,” an elated Father Jawad Alamat, the national director of the Pontifical Mission Societies of Tunisia, said after the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet.

Fides reported him as saying on October 10, “We live in a difficult situation, where we find ourselves fighting against terrorism and poverty, but the Nobel Peace Prize is an encouragement and an honour for Tunisia, which is not only seen as the country that initiated the earthquake in the Arab world, but is also recognised as a country that is making a path towards a difficult, but possible, democracy in the Arab-Muslim world.”

He called the recognition given by the esteemed prize not only an encouragement for Tunisia, but also a strong signal launched to the rest of the Arab world and Europe, because it shows that in an Arab country, despite all the obstacles placed by terrorism and by social and economic conditions, it is possible to have peaceful confrontation through dialogue and mutual respect.

“We thank the Lord and all those who wanted to give this award to Tunisia,” Father Alamat said.

The Quartet, formed in 2013, is made up of Tunisian General Labour Movement, the Labour Union, the Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts, the Human Rights League and the Order of Lawyers.

It has worked hard to get Tunisia out of a political stalemate after the murders of two opponents, Choukri Belaid and Mohammad Ibrahim, allowing the country to resume the process of democratic transition.


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