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Human trafficking alert

HONG KONG (SE): The Philippine embassy in Beijing issued an advisory notice on November 1 warning Filipinos, especially migrant workers, to beware of people offering jobs in mainland China.

It especially warns against jobs in the domestic sector, as nannies or as private tutors in the mainland, pointing out that such employment is illegal and can lead to much trouble, and even prosecution by the authorities.

“Don’t accept their offer,” the advisory notice reads.

It also warns against dealing with agents in mainland China who offer to get a tourist visa extended so that a person can take up work in some part of the domestic service sector.

The notice says in short, “Foreigners cannot be employed as household workers in mainland China.”

The advisory says, “The agents ask for a fee, but they are involved in illegal recruitment. They themselves are breaking Chinese laws. Oftentimes, they resort to unscrupulous actions.”

The advisory warns that dealing with such recruitment people leaves the client open to being trafficked. It has been common for Filipinos in Hong Kong to pay a fee to a broker to secure a job in China, only to arrive and find out that no such job exists, or that it is in the shady area of the late night hospitality service industry.

The embassy advises Filipinos to take the utmost care to protect themselves if approached by anyone offering any kind of job on the mainland.

The Sun reported that this year at least four migrant workers have been contracted by a proxy employer in Hong Kong and then been told to go to the mainland to work for a family there.

China is also reported to be limiting Hong Kong families bringing workers to China on trips to three times a year.


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