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Lazarus still begs at the gate


The teaching of Pope Francis is strong and clear. We must stand by refugees and migrants, work to protect their rights, protest against evil and violations of human rights, give shelter, love and compassion and a chance to all people to live a life of dignity.

The planet Earth is the common heritage of all humanity and must be shared by all, especially in times of war. The bounty of the earth is not just for the use of the powerful few to the exclusion of the rest of humanity.

There is news footage from Europe around at present showing police beating refugees and migrants, as they stand in the filth of muddy fields and the rain.

The treatment of asylum seekers by the authorities in some countries has been described as a disaster. The reputation and name of these nations has slumped as a result of their indifference.

They are being judged as harshly as they treat the refugees, often caging them and leaving them for days without accommodation, shelter or food, while they claim they are registering them.

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