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YouCat in Tagalog

QUEZON CITY (Agencies): Kenneth Baluyot, a social studies teacher from Krus na Ligas National High School, has translated the Youth Catechism (YouCat) into Tagalog and hopes that it will reach many young people as it is now available in a language they can easily understand.

“I notice that many of our young people care little about the details of their faith, if at all. They get distracted by so many things that have nothing to do with their salvation, like TV, gadgets, and… social media,” Baluyot told CBCP News.

The 28-year-old teacher expressed assurance that his new baby, YouCat Filipino, is a superior alternative as it can do much in terms of helping people, especially the young, to understand their faith better.

He said that the book answers 527 questions young Catholics are eager to ask.

Baluyot added that the two years of his spare time he dedicated to translating YouCat was a fruitful experience.

“Not everyone is given the opportunity to get published,” he boasted, considering himself fortunate for having been picked by Claretian Communications Foundation through the recommendation of Father Jonathan Bitoy to do the work.

“Originally, my contract with the Claretians was only good for a year and it only involved me translating the foreword Pope Benedict XVI wrote for YouCat. But the need to consult with various editors to check the reliability of the concepts being translated prolonged the period,” Baluyot explained.

While generally easy, Baluyot admitted translating YouCat into the national language posed difficulties.

“As far as ordinary sentences were concerned, I could translate them easily. But when a paragraph was already of a highly dogmatic, liturgical and even scientific in nature, that’s when I had to ask my priest-friends for help,” he explained.


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