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Integrating the Church into Chinese society

HONG KONG (SE): “It is encouraging to see that in Chinese society today misunderstandings towards the Catholic Church are declining, thanks to dialogue and meetings,” John Cardinal Tong Hon said at the opening of the fifth edition of a seminar organised by the Hong Kong-based Faith Institute for Cultural Studies and the Yuan Dao Study Society, together with the People’s University of Beijing under the theme of The integration of the Catholic Church in China with the society, in Hong Kong on November 17 and 18.

Fides reported that the bishop of Hong Kong, Cardinal Tong, hosted the seminar and highlighted the presence of the Catholic Church in mainland China in recent decades.

He encouraged Chinese Christians, especially the academics present at the seminar, to “be aware of their social responsibility, applying their Christian faith, committing themselves as Catholics to the development and building of Chinese society in every spiritual, economic and moral field.”

Over two days of debate and discussion, 60 high level representatives from the Chinese religious, political and academic world presented a series of papers on various topics.

Among them were the situation of religion in the context of international relations today, the possible contribution of the Christian faith in building the rule of law in China, today’s society and the inculturation of evangelisation, and contemporary consecrated life in a highly secularised society.


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