CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Pastoral centre for migrants smiles with a new face

HONG KONG (SE): The Diocesan Pastoral Centre for Filipinos put its newly renovated face on display for the first time on December 5 at a blessing ceremony and Mass celebrated by Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung, together with the chaplain to Filipinos, Father Jay Flandez; and the chaplain to Indonesians, Father Heribertus Hadiarto; together with Father Jun Jacobe, Father Darwin Bayaca and Father Helmuth Peter.

It was the first time that Mass had been celebrated at the centre by a bishop since its foundation.

The day marked the end of a two-month-long renovation and signals the resumption of the normal activities at the centre, including regular Masses.

The centre, which includes an office complex and a chapel on the 18th floor of the Grand Building, Central, has not been remodelled since its establishment in 1987.

It now boasts a new area for the altar and more space for people attending Mass. Over 200 were present for the Mass to mark the beginning of a new era.

Bishop Yeung said that he believes society cares more about work than it does about human beings and he urged those present to extend a helping hand to others amidst their struggles and shortcomings.

He shared that he too is a refugee, as he was forced to flee with his family to Hong Kong as a three-year-old, after two of them had been killed in Shanghai when the Communist regime began closing in on the city.

He said he understands that something really difficult at home must exist to drive people to migrate so that they can help their families. Now, having celebrated his first Mass in the centre, he said that he hopes that he can be invited again.

The bishop said while we can easily give money or food to the needy, we also need to spend time listening to them so as to know their real problems. To serve the migrant community in Hong Kong, he said he would try his best to see to their real needs.

Sister Felicitas Nisperos, the director of the centre, thanked the diocese for making the renovation possible, as well as Bishop Yeung for coming to bless the newly-renovated community gathering space and social service office, allowing it to smile with a new face.


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