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How can we help the needy in the Year of Mercy?

When we look around us and be sensitive to others, we can see a lot of our brothers and sisters who are in need of our help. But before jumping to any conclusion about helping them, we must first understand what they really need. We can see people asking for food, looking for shelter, asking for financial help and other things, but that may not be their real need.

It is so easy to give food, cash and even used clothing, but we might be able to give them more than that.

We should firstly evaluate carefully how we can help them. Start from those people who are within your reach. Spend time with them listening to their story, then you may learn their real needs and not just the superficial ones.

Take note that in the time of Jesus when he was helping and healing the sick, he also spent time talking to the poor and even eating with them. The best way to help and show that we care is by giving them our time and listening to their stories.


                Nick Baring


There are many ways to help the needy as far as I know. I am a member of a social concern group that aims to help the needy. It is either in the hospital, a Care Home for the Aged or maybe in a prison. We can do it even in a very simple way like cheering them up, or helping to feed them. Since I am a hairdresser, I’m able to help them trim their hair to make them comfortable. Sometimes we can also help them simply by listening to their supplications, let them feel that they are loved, show them compassion. For me, after doing all these, I’ve come to realise that I am helping myself too, feeling happy and peaceful.   


 —Zeny Lucas 


I may not be able to help them financially, but I can share what I have. I treat other people in a good way, share the love and care that I know is important, show them a good example that in our daily lives people we meet are gifts from God and the love we have is good to share. I always encounter people in need of advice, so I continue to encourage them to keep on praying and believing in God the Father almighty.


                                                                                                  Nelly Oamil


Celebrating the Year of Mercy as a Catholic, I humbly help the needy in every way I can. In my daily routine, if I encounter people who are in need I can share what I have. If I have a friend who needs something and I know that I can help, I will offer help. I also give donations to organisations or to the Church, because I know even a small amount can help. Most of all I pray that God will continue to bless us so that we can help others in need.

    Annie Samillano