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When praying is a crime

Beijing (AsiaNews): Shandong Yingcai College in Shandong province, eastern China, has expelled five Christian students for engaging in prayer in a private room, ChinaAid reported on December 19.

Local police came for Li Binbin, Zhang Yaqi, Chen Huiyun, Ni Wangjie and Chen Ping after receiving a picture of them in prayer. A sixth student who was with them, Jia Rong, was not punished.

The person who took the picture is unknown, but according to some sources, a young man from the Communist Youth League is probably responsible.

The expulsions were was based on an order issued a few weeks ago by the Shandong Provincial Department of Education informing colleges and universities that “religious meetings involving three or more people” had to be considered illegal. 

Christians who spoke to AsiaNews.itexpressed fear about how heavier restrictions would affect the life of their communities.


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