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When love rules

I had heard about the movie Frozen, but I did not have the chance to watch it until my ward asked me to play the DVD and join her to watch. The movie was nice and the message of the story touched me so much. 

One of the lines in the story kept ringing in my mind. It says, “Only love can thaw a frozen heart.”

At the beginning, the world that God created was quiet and peaceful, because first Adam and Eve let God’s love rule until the evil one tempted them and they disobeyed God’s rule.

If only they had let God’s love rule in their heart…

What can we say about our world today? Because of people’s greed for power and authority, some of the neighbouring countries declare wars. It saddens me to hear news of killing, bombing, terrorism and abuse.

If only they let God’s love rule in their heart…

The poor people get poorer. The affected victims of calamities who lost all their sources of income, houses and all things, seldom received assistance from the government because some, or I should say most of them, are corrupt.

They are selfish, thinking only of what they need. Donated funds have disappeared for no reason and the kindness of donors is being abused.

If only they let God’s love rule in their heart…

With God all things are possible. War, killing, abuse would be totally dissolved if all people let God rule in their heart. Instead of war there would be peace and love. Instead of abuse, there would be caring and love. Instead of corruption, there would be giving. Frozen hearts can be thawed only by God’s love.

We all have a mission from God in this world. All of us can be God’s instrument to touch others’ lives, especially those who are losing hope with the problems and circumstances they encounter in life.

May we let God guide us as we do our part in our mission and may we always let God rule in our heart so that we can give love and peace to everyone.


                λ Sheryl Reyes 
Love of God 
    Holy Family