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How to avoid spending sprees at Christmas?


Christmas is a customary celebration for Filipinos. It is a season of gift-giving and merry-making. We have to spend wisely, give heartedly and remember that it is not on the value of the gift, but on the thought that comes with it.

We can save the money bit by bit by not spending on unnecessarily items, so that we can make investments. This will not just help us, but also our family.


                     —Rhad Akut
Yes, it is truly difficult to control the desire to buy over Christmas especially the material things that we don’t really need. It is better to over spend on something that is important, like healthy food for a healthy living.

Caring about the needs of friends and relatives during Christmas is not necessarily done through sending gifts. The more important thing is their daily needs and to be spiritually prepared for this special celebration. We can share the love and prayers with everybody to feel the spirit of Christmas.

I believe that careful spending can help to improve our environment. I would rather save and donate for charitable works, to do my own share to stop climate change, because we need a healthy environment for everybody.                                                                                                                                              

 —Marla Galverio 
I was baptised into Catholicism in October 2013 prior to my Church wedding. When Christmas approaches, I still feel the difficulty of controlling my purchases, most especially those cheap items that are on sale online. Nevertheless, besides my hubby, my Filipino boss has influenced me a lot too, as he told me to focus more on spiritual matters. I will celebrate the coming Christmas Day by bringing my family to church and have a simple dinner to celebrate the birthday of our Lord.


                                                                                                  —Barbie Li
Being a Filipino, a common practice during Christmas is to celebrate it with ostentatious celebration, as it is a traditional belief that we will have an abundant life for the whole year. We cannot control our desire of having this, buying that, going there and spending money to buy unnecessary things just because the big sale discount is once in a year.

However, if we waste money in one spending spree without thinking what is coming up in the next year, we will not have an abundant life waiting for us ahead. This is the result of spending out of budget.

Christmas is giving, sharing and loving in the real spirit of this season. After all it is the thought that counts most. You have to be practical and practice how to control your spending desire. Giving expensive gifts for Christmas is not necessary, because it is the thought that counts.

   Michelle Maghanoy