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Paradigm shift in Chinese dreams

HONG KONG (SE): In a radical paradigm shift during September, the president of China, Xi Jinping, dismissed the Chinese Dream as an illusion or slogan aimed at making life better for the people, only to replace it with his own dream for the betterment of the nation on December 30, saying that it lies in promoting patriotism as described by the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China.

Xinhua reported that after a lecture on philosophical history by Chen Lai at Tsinghua University, Xi said that patriotism is deeply rooted in the minds of the people and that it is what holds them together as a nation.

He added that patriotism should be the eternal theme of all education, but stressed that the Communist Party is by far the steadiest advocate and practitioner of patriotism and the only organisation capable of providing an adequate belief and spiritual prop that can support each and every individual person and carry one generation into the next.

However, Xi insisted that patriotism without socialism is dead, as he said fresh and real patriotism comes in a tri-package of love of country, love of the Communist Party and love of socialism.

“It is the most important representation of patriotism in the current time,” Xinhua reported Xi as saying of his own revelation.

The much talked about Chinese Dream, which Xi advocated strongly when he first came to power, seems to have died a swift, if not painless death.

Then as recently as June 9 last year, Xinhua reported Xi as saying that China is inspiring its people with a new concept called the Chinese Dream.

But in a written response to the Wall Street Journal on September 22, Xi expressed a radical paradigm shift.

At the stroke of a pen, he dismissed the Chinese Dream as a mere illusion and later in the year introduced the new dream of patriotism with Chinese, or maybe his own characteristics.


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