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Strong faith is unshakeable

Faith is an unquestioning belief in God. It is a perfect trust and confidence to his ever-loving presence, might and power. 

In Matthew 17:20, Jesus says, “I assure you that if you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you would be able to say to this mountain.” Just by saying move from here to there it would move.

This is one example of a miracle that would be done through our faith. We could do something great in the name of Jesus Christ without having doubts in our hearts. Having true faith in God, we can live peacefully without anxieties, worries and fear of anything in life.

We would feel contentment, joy and happiness doing our tasks and performing our role as a follower of Jesus Christ.

In our world today, we can see what is happening to the people around us who have less faith in God. We can hear news of how the world promotes war and division among different countries and religions.

Many people commit suicide because of losing hope or maybe because they don’t believe that God exists. Because of hopelessness some are walking in the wrong direction and holding something sharp, feeling that the world is tumbling down on them and they are unable to get out of the way. Forgetting that God is bigger than the burdens and problems they have.

In times of sickness, many people desperately go to a spiritual healer and pay a big amount of money for amulets, which are said to be able to bring luck.

Having true faith in God, we should not believe any superstitions, palm reading, horoscopes or chain letters. Believing in these things means we are closing our door on the help of God, not letting him give us comfort in times of desperation.

Seemingly we are putting our future in the hands of superstition rather than the love and power of our creator.

Simply just adoring and praising God in whatever circumstance we find ourselves is the source of everything good in this world, the giver of life.

            Belinda Parreñas
Holy Family