CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Saturday, 10 November 2018

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I am grateful to God for the past year because...
God communicated with me through all his wonderful works in my life last year. I am grateful that God was always by my side even when I faced affliction, pain, hardship and discouragement over the past year.  I realised God’s ever-loving presence is always there, no matter how hard things may be. Through ups and downs, he brought me out a stronger and more faithful individual. He opened my heart to understand the meaning of kindness, humility, mildness and patience, as well as restoring peace in my life. I have everything to be thankful for this season; my home, my family, my job, my health, good friends and most of all I thank God for his unending love and grace, for without him, I would have nothing.


Ruby Velez
To be here in Canada is a blessing to me. Since I started my application, I encountered so many difficulties, from the financial aspect until the time I was waiting for the approval of my visa. No one knew what I had been through. I cried in silence and I prayed in silence, but I know I was not alone. Trusting God above all gave me strength so whatever would be the outcome of my application, I would still give honour and thanksgiving to him. I am so grateful to God this year, because he has made my dreams come true. In spite of all the difficulties, he has made things possible and I am so blessed having a wonderful employer.
 —Joyce Celedonio
I  am grateful to God for the past year because during the times I was encountering problems, he never left me alone. When I lost my former job, he opened a wider window for me by giving me a new and kind employer. When I was deceived by a friend, he gave me the strength to face everything. And most of all, the Lord has gifted me with two loving daughters who understand me and light up my mind, telling me not to surrender in life.                                                                                                  
 —Ma. Lynie Seguerra
First and foremost, I am grateful to God, the source of who I am and what I have. Thank you Lord for all the beautiful and good things I received from you. I thank you, Lord, for the good health of my whole family, specially my father. Secondly I want to thank my husband for his love, care and for being there for me. For my employers, I thank them for their understanding and support. At present, I am serving at the church in Discovery Bay and I am a leader of our choir. Being a leader is not easy and I have encountered a situation that nearly led me to give up. During that time I was indeed devastated and some members of my choir were also affected. I lifted the situation to God, asking him for strength and to be strong at all circumstances. Indeed the Lord heard the cries of my heart. I thank the members of my Church community and friends for their friendship.                                                                                                                  
  Evelyn Raymond