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A hoverboard Christmas song turns sour

MANILA (Agencies): What happens when a priest gets a bit carried away with enthusiasm for the Christmas spirit and sings his Christmas greetings to his congregation as he wanders the church at the end of Mass?

Well, if you are Father Albert San José and you are at the parish of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal in Biñan, Quezon City, you get to apologise and take an enforced holiday for a few weeks.

However, it is obscure whether it was the sung greeting that was the problem or the hoverboard that he used, extremely skillfully it must be added, to move himself around the church. 

Either way, he now has a few weeks of leisure time to think about it after penning an apology to the people.

In any event, his enthusiastic greeting for the festive season turned sour, may have left his congregation enjoying a non-happy Christmas.

Our Lady of Miraculous Medal is in the diocese of San Pablo and a statement from diocesan officials said Father San José’s action was wrong, as the Eucharist is the highest form of worship.

The statement said, “The Eucharist demands utmost respect and reverence. It is the Memorial of the Lord’s Sacrifice. It is the source and summit of Christian life.”

CBCP News reported that Father San José said that it was a wake up call and that it would not happen again.

His Christmas antics were caught on video and went viral on YouTube.

Maybe the bottom line lesson is that whatever you do these days remember that the whole world may be watching and there are bound to be some people who disapprove.


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