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Return homes stolen from Christians says Shiite leader

Baghdad (Agencies): Influential Iraqi Shiite leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Sadrist Movement, has backed a call for the return of homes and property stolen from Christians in Baghdad, Kirkuk and other Iraqi cities, according to a report by the Fides news agency.

The Pascale Warda, a Chaldean Catholic who was immigration minister of the first government of transition following the fall of Saddam Hussein, has expressed satisfaction with al-Sadr’s stand and, according to, has called upon all Iraqis to support to restoration move, which also has the backing of the Hammurabi Human Rights Organisation and other civic organisations.

The exodus of Iraqi Christians has led to the illegal appropriation of homes and properties that have remained empty, on the presumption that the owners were not returning. According to one report by Fides (23 July 2015), officials either colluded or turned a blind eye, although members of the Iraqi parliament and Christian groups have protested.


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