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Have lessons been learned since Charlie Hebdo attacks French bishops ask

PARIS (CNS): “Have these tragic events provoked some genuine awakening and have we offered perspectives for the society of tomorrow by learning lessons from the past?” the French Bishops’ Conference asked in a January 6 statement, as France commemorated the deadly 7 January 2015, attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. 

Seventeen people died at the magazine’s offices and in related shootings. 

The bishops said, “It is certainly urgent to listen to our youth and offer them prospects for fulfillment and success. But the Church stresses that we must imagine and build our country’s future together in mutual respect” recognising everyone’s collective contribution. 

The statement cautioned, “Every suspicious glance at religions injures believers and serves to exclude them from the national community.”

The bishops paid tribute to the victims as well as to the 130 people killed and more than 300 injured during the November 13 Islamic State-linked bomb and gun attacks on a major Paris stadium, concert hall as well as random bars and restaurants.

The statement said the people of France “must urgently rethink our educational model, learn to work with the most deprived, show real moderation in our respect for creation, see the human being as worthy of infinite respect from conception to natural death, fight injustices, welcome difference and change our view of foreigners.” 

The French bishops stressed, “It is together, without any form of exclusion, that we will succeed in giving our country an impetus and perspective again.” 


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