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The future of our country still lies with our votes

The Philippine presidential election is fast approaching. One every six years for we have the privilege Filipinos to exercise our political will in choosing the leaders who will govern our country. 

Our right to vote gives us a sense of freedom and democracy, even though sometimes we may not feel there is real democracy in our county because everything seems to be a privilege for some and no longer a right for all. Those who are rich become even richer and more powerful, while the poor get even poorer and have been deprived of their rights. 

During election time we hear good and beautiful promises from electoral candidates, but at the end of the day they disappoint us during their term of office. There are still many unsolved cases that cry out for justice to be heard and served. There are still many Filipinos starving in poverty. Corruption in government is still present. 

We have already learned many lessons in the past, yet we Filipinos are challenged to be good, responsible and wise voters. We need to choose honest, sincere and capable leaders, who are dedicated to their oaths of office, who have the passion to serve Filipinos with dignity and do not think of their personal interests for money and power. We need leaders who are compassionate with the poor and needy, but courageous enough to fight against graft and corruption. 

We Filipinos are united in prayer that the upcoming national election may be clean, honest and peaceful. We are hopeful that we can make The Philippines a better nation by playing our role as responsible voters. We vote because of our love for our family and country. We still have faith in our country and we are proud of our identity as Filipinos wherever we go. We should always take responsibility as citizens of our democratic nation. It is in our votes that the future of our country lies and we are the treasures of our country. Let us vote according to our conscience. 

Lynn Salinas