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Can you open up to your employer?

It depends on the situation. When my problem is about my work and I cannot manage it even though I tried my best to fix it, I had better open up with my employer. 

However, if it is a personal matter not related to my work, I would rather not tell her as long as I can manage it. But if the problem is so disturbing and so hard to fix that I cannot focus on my work, I would tell her. I will share and explain the problem in a nice, constructive and specific way to my employer.

    Marie Fe Casaguep

Sharing problems with my employer is really hard for me. Because of their high standard of living, they may not understand my problems and I know they will criticise me. I prefer to keep it to myself than to share it with my employer. I am a happy person and a positive thinker by nature and I can handle things by myself. I look for an alternative way to settle even problems in the house. My work is important so everyday I ask God’s guidance for me and my family; that he will give me more patience and courage in everything I encounter and every problem in my life as a domestic helper.                                                                                                                                            

Josefina Basallo 

It is difficult to share problems with my employer’s family especially with the two grandparents that I am taking care of. We cannot understand each other. I am not good in Cantonese and they know only a little English. We usually communicate through simple sign language and I try my best to learn more Cantonese to better communicate with them. 

If I have problem, I just keep it to myself. It is really hard especially during the times when I need someone to talk to just to express my feelings, but I cannot do so with my employer or her family. On the other hand, I am thankful also because through this I know how strong I am tin handling difficult situations and I pray that God will continue to guide me in my work here in Hong Kong. 

    —Noemi Pama
No, not unless they ask me, not because I don’t like to share with them but because I want privacy in my personal life. I am worried that if I open up my problems with them, it may affect their outlook on me and I don’t feel comfortable letting them know. I would rather keep them than to share with them to avoid changes between my work and their treatment. 

However if it is related to health matters it is important to let them know for the safety of their whole family and for myself. I must tell them about my health condition if I am not feeling well or I am sick, as they say, "safety first." I don’t need to keep quiet about it for the safety of everyone, so that I can do my job properly as well.

Life is something special because God always guides me, even if it is hard to handle problems. I know God will never leave me.


                                                                                                                    Jane Siasol