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The Lord’s Prayer

When I experience loneliness or if I am planning to do something I just start to pray the Lord’s Prayer without even being aware of it. This prayer gives me a positive mood to start with and peace of mind.

I thank our Lord for his love and presence in every moment that I need him most. I know I am not alone in suffering or when I have problems. Trials about family, work or friends can come our way. But despite the trials, we need to be strong, keep our faith and pray for more guidance and strength.

I am open with my family with regards to my happy and sad moments working abroad. Through this they are aware of my situation. 

As I am miles away and I have few people to talk to besides my friends and employer here in Hong Kong, the love and understanding of my family is what I need the most. We are thankful that in this present generation we can easily communicate with our families through modern technology. This is a really big help to lighten our homesickness.

Our Lord’s Prayer is the best way for us to keep in touch with him. Through it we are not alone. In every suffering we keep our faith and entrust everything to God. He is always with us. 

I am thankful because during the times I have wanted to give up, our Lord didn’t give me a chance to turn my back on him. In every trial and suffering there is hope and a chance for a new life that is better than before. Through trials I know how powerful and merciful our God is. His love always remains in us.

Rodelia Villar
Immaculate Heart of Mary parish, Tai Po